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Symposium 2024

August 25th to September 8th 2024
on the church square of Obernkirchen

The 13th International Obernkirchen Sculpture Symposium will be be held from August 25 to September 8, 2024 on the town's church square. The invited artists are:

Ursula Güttsches, Germany
Robert Alger, Czech Republic
Bettino Francini, Italy
Gleb Dusavitskiy, Denmark
Catiuscia Dotto, Brasil
Stefan Esterbauer, Austria
Bernhard Männel, Germany
Sofia Mayer, Germany
Christoph Schindler, Germany

The participating artists will work during this time on the church square of the collegiate church, in the center of Obernkirchen. For this purpose, they will each be provided with an approx. 1 m³ large OBERNKIRCHENER SANDSTEIN by Kulturfenster e.V.. A visit to the quarry is also part of the artists' program, which includes guided tours and events.

The renumeration is 1,000 € per participant. Accommodation, meals as well as travel and material costs are covered by the organizer. Tools and necessary machinery must be brought by the participants themselves, compressed air and electricity will be provided.

The works created during the symposium remain the property of the artists. However, they agree to lend their work to the town of Obernkirchen for two years, provided that it is not sold or urgently needed for an exhibition etc. beforehand. A catalog about the symposium will also be published.